About Captn. Walt

Captain Walt has been fishing the entire Chesapeake Bay (Maryland and Virginia portions) for over 40 years. He’s also been fishing the Atlantic seaside inlets and bays (Ocean City MD, Assateague VA, Chincoteague VA, Wachapreague VA, Oyster VA) in both Maryland and Virginia for the same time frame. While not fond of “heavy tackle” he prefers and specializes in light tackle, and also enjoys fly gear. While always promoting conservation, he welcomes “catch and release” as well as “catch and keep” anglers.

He was acknowledged by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in 1998 as an “ALL MARYLAND ANGLER” for his achievement of catching six (6) different species citation fish during the MARYLAND SPORTFISHING TOURNAMENT. Those species were:

Stripped Bass 45.25”
Weakfish 23.5”
Bluefish 34.75”
Flounder 26”
Spotted Sea Trout 23.25
Croaker 17”

His fishing locations change with the seasons and the migration of fish species. While he’ll accommodate clients by meeting them anytime at any of the Atlantic seaside inlets or bays (Ocean City MD, Assateague VA, Chincoteague VA, Wachapreague VA, Oyster VA), his annual Chesapeake Bay fishing locations follow the following pattern each year:

  • Mid-December Through March - He fishes the Pocomoke River out of Snow His Maryland, catching crappie, yellow perch, white perch, and pickerel.
  • April Through December - He fishes the Chesapeake bay out of Crisfield Maryland catching striped bass, speckled trout, bluefish, flounder, red drum, and hound fish.

To book your trip aboard Light Tackle Charters call Captain Walt at (410) 845-3231 or email him from this site! Remember, your date is not "booked" until a deposit has been recieved.

Light Tackle Charters
543 Wellington Road
Crisfield, Maryland 21817

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You may bring your own fly, spinning, casting or trolling outfits. I recommend different outfits of different size & weights dependent upon the time of year and the species we'll be stalking. Just talk with me (via phone or e-mail) prior to the trip and I'll be happy to make recommendations...