Witness the behavior of Bottle Nose Dolphins as they feed and frolic in the near shore Atlantic Ocean.You'll hear their gasps for air as they surface and see the water sprays from their breathing passages atop their heads. Often when playing they breech (jump from the surface of the water). Photo opportunties abound.

Watch Assateague Island Ponies feed in the salt water grass flats of Assateague Island. Beautiful markings and colors always make these Ponies family favorites. Each July when the Ponies are hearded and swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island to be auctioned in an effort to thin the heard, we'll get front boat locations to witness the swim "up close and personal". But you better book early for the swim since boat seats are limited and swim watchers are numerous each and every year. Just as with the Dolphins, Pony photo opportunities abound.

In addition, opportunties for you to watch and photograph endless species of Water Fowl will present themselves. Including, but not limited to Great Blue Herons, Great White Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Pelicans and Black Ibis.

Full Day of Chesapeake Bay lighthouse tours are offered to accommodate up to six (6) people. The cost is $630.00 per tour which represents $105.00 per person for six (6) people. A lunch stop will be made on each lighthouse tour to allow you to purchase and enjoy Chesapeake sea fare (other foods available of course) at its finest at a waterfront restaurant along the tour.

  • Tours can be customized to visit the lighthouses that you want to visit. Many of the lighthouses cannot be seen without a boat as they are placed well into the Chesapeake Bay waters. We always stop for viewing and photographing from various angles and distances. We attempt to arrange tours such that eight (8) to ten (10) lighthouses can be visited on each tour.

  • There are twenty two (22) lighthouses in the Maryland waters of the Chesapeake Bay with Twenty (20) "under the bar" lighthouses, meaning the lighthouses no longer stand but remains still exist.

    There are twelve (12) lighthouses in the Virginia waters of the Chesapeake Bay with twenty four (24) "under the bar" lighthouses, meaning the lighthouses no longer stand but remains still exist.
  • For more information about all the lighthouses on the Chesapeake Bay follow the link below to the Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Society homepage.

The above link to the Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Society web page will show you detailed information about each lighthouse (including those "under the bar") and can be used to assist you in deciding how you would like to customize a tour. And Captain Walt's extensive knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay may even provide some insight into the lighthouses that does not appear printed elsewhere.

Note - Captain Walt highly recommends that you be certain to utilize the charter services offered by members of the Chincoteague Island Charter Boat Association (CICA) only for your Chincoteague charters. They are all very familiar with the Chincoteague waters and will most certainly hold the necessary license and insurance requirements.

To book your trip aboard Light Tackle Charters call Captain Walt at (410) 845-3231 or email him from this site! Remember, your date is not "booked" until a deposit has been recieved.

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You may bring your own fly, spinning, casting or trolling outfits. I recommend different outfits of different size & weights dependent upon the time of year and the species we'll be stalking. Just talk with me (via phone or e-mail) prior to the trip and I'll be happy to make recommendations...